The brute arrested

JUST a day before the expiry of Supreme Court’s three-day deadline, the Punjab police on Tuesday arrested the serial killer involved in the rape and murder of not only Zainab but six to seven other girls in Kasur. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif made a formal announcement to this effect at a news conference, thus fulfilling the commitment that he made with the parents of Zainab that the brute would be apprehended at all costs.
Role of intelligence agencies, police and especially that of Punjab Forensic Science Agency is highly appreciable which profiled DNA samples of 1,150 people in the area to unmask the real beast behind the horrendous crime that not only aggrieved the entire nation but also hung the heads in shame. Indeed it is responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to apprehend such culprits at the earliest so that more such horrific incidents could be avoided but we understand that the courts should abstain from issuing deadlines on such matters as we have seen in this case that a hectic effort involving use of forensic science and sampling of DNAs of so many people was carried out to reach the real culprit. This indeed was important so that no innocent person is implicated while the genuine culprit gets off scot-free. As the first phase has been completed with the arrest of the culprit, it is now time that exemplary punishment is awarded to the serial killer through a speedy trial as in the presence of scientific evidence, there is no reason to prolong the trial. We expect that the anti-terrorism court will also take into account plight of the parent and the nation regarding the public hanging of the culprit as such a strict punishment will serve to deter such despicable crimes in future. While one culprit is close to meet his fate, it is also time to step up efforts to arrest the murderer that took the life of another young soul Asma in Mardan. Taking a clue from Punjab, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government may also use the forensic science to nab the murderer. Turning a back to the incident is not an option as amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of aggrieved family and also bolster culprits to continue with their sheer criminal activity.

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