The big task ahead

P Senthil Saravana Durai

First of all, one must thank and congratulate the Modi-led BJP government in India for completing two years in office and coming up with various schemes and strategies. But at the same time, there are tough tasks ahead. To start with, the government and India should gear up for the vagaries of ensuing monsoon. Also, the climate change issue that poses threat to agriculture [which is the bedrock of all] must be handled properly.
Further, India is having huge portions of the untapped land and huge chunks of natural resources. It is time to make use of such precious things to the benefit of everyone. More importantly, the Indian government should look into the big-ticket plans like Sethu Samudram Project. It should take urgent and serious steps to improve the infrastructure and strengthen the educational system [a great and undisputed asset] in India apart from creating more jobs.
— Maharashtra, India

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