The best walking running shoes for osteoarthritis of the knee

OSTEOARTHRITIS is a degenerative joint disease and is the most common chronic condition of the joints. According to the Arthritis Foundation, osteoarthritis affects about 27 million Americans. Osteoarthritis (OA) is most common in the knees, hips, lower back, neck, small joints of the fingers, and the bases of the thumb and big toe.
Cartilage covers the end of each bone. It provides a smooth gliding surface for easy joint motion and acts as a cushion between the bones. In people with OA, the cartilage breaks down, resulting in pain, swelling, and problems moving the joint. Though arthritis can occur just about anywhere there is a joint, according to the American College of Rheumatology, the lifetime risk of developing OA in the knee is about 46 percent. As a result, the knee one of the most common areas affected.
There is no cure for OA, but there are things that can be done to reduce pain and improve knee function. Physical exercise is useful in treating OA. Exercise can help to improve muscle strength, decrease joint pain and stiffness, and also lower the chance of disability due to OA. The type of athletic shoes that people with OA of the knee wear are very important. As a result, people should take care to find the right type of shoe to wear.
The right type of shoe is important whether performing normal daily activities or walking or running to get in some exercise. Wearing the wrong type of shoe only makes existing problems worse, and can cause damage and complication to the many joints in the feet. The kind of shoes that people wear impacts directly on the load put on the knee joints. Elevated joint loads during walking can cause OA to progress more rapidly.
If someone has OA of the knee, the right shoe can help to reduce or even eliminate foot pain which plays a huge role in mobility. Stability shoes are composed of a dense, cushioned midsole and a heel that is designed to help control motion and overpronation. Overpronation refers to the tendency of the foot to roll inward more than it needs to for weight distribution and shock absorption.
Stability shoes help to take the weight off of the ball of the foot which is very important for people with OA of the knee. For those whose feet roll unevenly, stability shoes also provide good cushioning and motion control. Neutral shoes do not correct for uneven foot rolling but offer good shock absorption and cushioning. The neutral design also makes it easy to add an insert or custom-molded orthotic, which are commonly prescribed for people with arthritis.
People who are not sure whether their feet roll normally, a podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon or a store specializing in athletic shoes can help. They can look at the distinctive wear patterns of running or walking shoes and determine if they were caused by abnormal pronation. Neutral sneakers are usually better for walkers and runners with normal pronation and no physical problems.

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