The Afghan blame game

Dr Muhammad Khan

Rather concentrating and improving the internal security situation of his country, the frustrated Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has demanded from Pakistan to take military action against Afghan Taliban, living on Pakistani soil. While addressing Afghan Parliament, (Loya Jirga), he said, “I want to make it clear that we no longer expect Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. But we want Pakistan to fulfill its promises … and take military action against their sanctuaries and leadership based on its soil. If they can’t target them, they should hand them over to our judiciary.”
Pakistan never expected such an imprudent statement from the leader of Mr Ghani’s competence, who is considered sensible enough to talk sense. Pursuing peace and reconciliation by bringing Afghan Taliban on the negotiating table is for the peace and stability of Afghanistan. Denying Pakistan from undertaking this significant role is something not understood. It would indirectly mean that, guards at Kabul are no longer interested for the peace, stability and economic prosperity of their country. This statement exposed the Kabul’s sabotaging the peace process, which Pakistan brokered in July 2014 with lot of dedications and pursuance of Taliban.
Surprisingly, Pakistan is making efforts for the peace in Afghanistan and the ruling class of that country is constantly undermining that and now issuing warning to Pakistan for making any such effort in future. This hard stance of President Ghani came after a deadly attack on security services office in Kabul, which killed sixty-four persons. The loss of lives, indeed great loss is regrettable, but should Pakistan be admonished or blamed for this attack or any happening in Kabul. If Afghan Government cannot provide security to its masses in its capital, should Pakistan be blamed for that?
Distance between Islamabad and Kabul is over 500 Kms. How did the attackers enter Kabul, where were 350,000 men of Afghan National Security Forces, The most significantly, where were RAW backed NDS surveillance teams at the time of attack. NDS and RAW jointly operate in Afghanistan, and they jointly carry out surveillance of any unusual movement on each inch of that land. Why did they fail despite having modern and sophisticated weapons and equipment of surveillance?
There must be investigation whether this attack was planned and executed by RAW and NDS to defame Pakistan and to create a hurdle in the reconciliation process, which Pakistan has been vigorously pursuing for the peace and stability in Afghanistan. Indian spying network has done this in several cases like; parliament attack in 2001, Mumbai Attack in 2008 and recently the Pathankot attack, all aimed at defaming Pakistan and its intelligence agencies. Earlier an attack on Afghan Parliament in June 2015 had its resemblance with attack on Indian Parliament, which mean, the writer and director of the script was same agency.
Indeed, Pakistan considered Peace in Afghanistan is essential for peace in Pakistan. Pakistan has its stakes in Afghanistan and want a peaceful western neighbor. Earlier also, the NDS and RAW sabotage the reconciliation process, started between Afghan Government and Taliban. Rather threatening Pakistan, there is a need that, Afghan President must organize his own affairs and put his house in order. He must recognize the black-sheeps in his government and NDS and ANSF. Pakistan and Pakistani security forces cannot defend Afghan capital; therefore, Kabul must stop the blame game.
In the same speech, President Ghani said that, “If we do not see a change, despite our sincere efforts for regional cooperation, we will be forced to turn to the UN Security Council and start serious diplomatic efforts.” This part of the speech is even derogatory and shows mental disturbance of President Ghani. Whereas the world appreciates Pakistani efforts against the terrorism and militancy, the UN Body would maximum put such complaints in trash or dustbin, they may try it. On April 27, 2016, US State Department official Mark Toner reiterated US support for the peace process and highly appreciated the positive role of Pakistan in the Afghan reconciliation process. He said that, “Our policy hasn’t changed. We want to see an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned process. We welcome the positive role that Pakistan has played in trying to get these peace talks started.”
While India and Afghan Government are conspiring against Pakistan, there is a need that, the political Government of Pakistan must respond these allegations and accusation with strong rejection and condemnation. After all, for how, the state and the people of Pakistan should accept the claptrap from its neighbors. Pakistan has always tried to play a constructive and positive role for the better relations and a peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues. Let us not be always defensive and reactionary, rather let us have rational policy of pre-emption and protect the sovereignty and integrity of the state of Pakistan. After all Pakistan is nuclear state and countries like Afghanistan should not blackmail it any more. A strong diplomacy with a clear foreign policy objectives is the way forward.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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