Thar’s unending woes

While the government takes pride in enhancing country’s economic growth rate and expanding middle class, at the same time it is unfortunate that our children are dying of malnutrition and diseases. According to an estimate about half of our children are chronically malnourished, the situation is far worse in resource-rich but poverty stricken Thar region where one has seen an unending trail of death and devastation over the last many years due to starvation and lack of proper healthcare facilities.
Just recently, the Sindh government had announced the establishment of Thar Foundation to improve social sector besides announcing resumption of free wheat distribution amongst Tharis. We understand that such initiatives have only remained on the paper and nothing practical has been or is being done to bring improvement in the life of the poor people in Thar. In fact had anything been done for Thar, the situation there would have improved to some extent. It is the prime responsibility of federal and provincial governments to improve healthcare and education facilities and provide clean drinking water in the area in a specific time period but also come up with a clear roadmap for the overall socio-economic uplift of the people of Thar.
Ball Nigwar

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