Tharparkar deserves special attention

GIVEN the serious energy crisis faced by the country, one could see the visible efforts on the part of the government to address the crisis sooner rather than later by exploiting the indigenous resources especially the massive Thar coal reserves that were discovered way back in 1991 but could not be put into use due to sheer negligence of previous governments.
We appreciate the government’s efforts towards utilizing the Thar coal deposits but at the same time it is deplorable that despite bestowed with such precious natural resource, the area hit hard by the famine has been neglected and every now and then we continue to hear about the death of people especially children due to malnutrition there. Having the lowest human development index amongst all the districts in Sindh, the people of Tharparkar are living in an environment where unclean water and shortage of other basic amenities of lives are taking a heavy toll and there appears to be no end in sight of their long sufferings. Cosmetics steps are announced by the Provincial government but hardly anything concrete is done on the ground to provide necessary relief to the people. Situation has reached to the level that malnourished families have started migrating to other areas due to the shortage of fodder for their cattle – the major source of their livelihoods. Poor arrangements in hospitals and lack of basic facilities are adding to the severity of the issue. Pakistan People’s Party is ruling the Province for the second consecutive term but it is depressing to note that it has turned its back towards the plight of these ill fated people who even in the 21st century are dying of disease and hunger. Though population in Tharparkar is sparsely located, yet the settlements may be better planned for better delivery of all the basic services to them. We will ask the Sindh government to come out of deep slumber and take remedial measures to provide education, vocational training, and exploitation, development and provision of sweet groundwater to the area, with installation of desalination plants and solar water pumps. We also urge Federal government as well as philanthropists to pay attention towards long-term development of area.

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