Thar bleeds

Thar is a resource rich district of the country but continues to bleed due to the sheer negligence of relevant quarters over the last many years. Death has become cheaper there. Four more infants died of malnutrition and disease in Thar district the other day taking the death toll this year alone to two hundred and sixty three. The situation is far worse in the area as local health officials have strongly been barred from sharing any details with the media about the deaths. Yet the successive federal and provincial governments had offered nothing to the Tharis except promises which were never fulfilled.
However, the region of Thar is in the headlines for all the bad news and yet reports of people’s plight have failed to cause much concern in administrative circles. Healthcare and education facilities need to be improved there on an emergent basis besides ensuring that the people have access to clean drinking water. There is a dire need of a clear roadmap to be evolved to bring overall improvement in the life of the people of Thar which is not only rich in coal but also has a great potential of tourism which if exploited truly can open new vistas of opportunities for local communities.
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