Thank you Raheel Sharif

Tooba Khan

He’s the only man whom we can fully trust. After a long wait for a leader who would do something for people and not for his personal satisfaction; we have Raheel Sharif with us. He is the one who actually wants to develop our country, the only dedicated leader. Recently he dismissed 11 military officers found guilty of corruption.
‘Start working from home’, may be this was his motto. He started with eliminating corruption from his own sector – the Pak army. Thank you, Raheel Sharif, you are the pride of this nation; you pioneered in so many things and also pioneered in setting a worth-emulating example by purging your institution of the ills crept into our societal set up. The steps he took for betterment of our country inspire us. And now majority has shown complete faith in him, they’re now confident enough that yes, at least someone is there to listen and do justice.

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