Thank you Imran Khan

We as a nation have been a victim of poverty, terrorism, political instability and load shedding etc and when we are facing all these problems at the same time, we expect the government and military to get rid of these problems. Unfortunately, they have never been on the same page due to their own perspective, on different agenda. From Iskandar Mirza to Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq to Nawaz Sharif. There has always been a conflict between the government and the Army.
Recently Prime Minister took a step forward to make civil military relationship better by visiting the GHQ and by appreciating the Army for the incredible services. Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan to visit the GHQ in years. He has certainly shown his intentions about how the civil military relationship will be. I would like to thank Imran Khan for extending the first step of friendship and giving a nation a hope of unity.
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