TEVTA provided apprenticeship to 95,000 students: Chairman

Salim Ahmed


Chairman Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Irfan Qaiser Sheikh has said that TEVTA has provided apprenticeship to 95 thousand students in three years which is the largest number in any similar organization.
He was addressing a meeting of officials at TEVTA secretariat here on Thursday. He further said that three years ago this number was just 12,000 and then TEVTA decided to focus on the apprenticeship. He added that with special focus, this number has increased up 95 thousand and soon this number will be exceeded to 2 lakh students.
Irfan further observed that apprenticeship is very necessary for students and industry both as the student can get a chance work in the industry besides he had studied theory, practical work is also very necessary. Therefore this training provide him professional training in professional environment, he said.
As far as the benefit of industry is concerned when the students will complete degree including some months of apprenticeship, he will get a job in any industry, he said adding that the industry will then have a proper trained youngster who is already familiar with the professional environment, requirements and knowhow of the machinery.
Chairman TEVTA went on explaining that this practice is quite common in all developed countries where it is mandatory for a student to spend few months in the industry. However it is not much common in out country but for building interest of the students as well for meeting their daily expenses, the students of TEVTA got Rs 7000 per month stipend in this regard, he said.
He said that since thousand students of TEVTA are getting apprenticeship in various industries, many of them able to get job in the same organization where they are doing their apprenticeship.

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