Terrorists or victims?

Sadia Khan

Since its inception, Pakistan has faced multiple internal and external threats. From time to time the international world has doubted Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terror. They have accused Pakistan of providing safe heavens to the terrorists on her soil. Pakistan has made multiple efforts to fight terrorism. Involvement of Pakistan in Soviet-Afghan war brought Kalashnikov culture and drugs to Pakistan. During the war, militants were trained by the Western agencies.
After the incident of 9/11 Pakistan was accused of harbouring terrorists. A pursuit of Al-Qaida members was launched in the mountainous region of North Waziristan. Later a truce was struck between Pakistan and the Taliban which was dishonoured by the Taliban. In response, Pakistan army launched operation “Rah-e-Rast” in Swat Valley. Various efforts were made by Pakistani leaders to bring Taliban to negotiations but all efforts were in vain.
The terrorists’ attacks continued in the country. To stabilize the county operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched. It was successful in bringing peace to the nation. Soon Pakistan’s era of development began. Today, when Pakistan is recovering its economy and is attracting investors a fresh wave of terrorism has sprung. How can Pakistan be labelled as a terrorist State when it itself is a victim of terrorism? Decision taken to launch operation “Raddul Fasaad” in the light of recent terrorist attacks is a proof that Pakistan is determined to eliminate terrorism from its soil. Pakistan will always be ready to fight terror. Efforts of the enemies to destabilize Pakistan will never succeed. Pakistan will survive, InshaAllah.

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