Terrorism vs Islam

Wajahat Abro
Shikarpur, Sindh

Terrorism is terrorism and it has nothing to do with Islam. But unfortunately, we often hear the negative perception that Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Terrorists. Some of the terrorists may accept themselves as Muslims though they have never understood the real and true meaning of Islam. No terrorist follows the principles of any religion, when he is involved in such gruesome acts of brutalities.
Is it not so strange that one, who accepts Islam as a peaceful religion, would kill humanity? Not denying the fact that one, who has always been taught to love humanity, will never devour the humanity. One, who fears Almighty Allah, will never cross the limits and principles of Islam. However, Islam prohibits religious discrimination and hatred. Islam encompasses one quarter of the population of the world.
Thus, Muslims are divided into multiple sects but when something comes to violence against humanity, all the Muslims stand together to protest such despicable acts on humanity.
Prominent and well-known scholars must tell the world that both Islam and terrorism are opposite to each other and terrorism has no connection with Islam.

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