Terrorism in Barcelona

EUROPE is witnessing yet another kind of terrorism – ramming of vehicles into crowds on roads, bridges and markets, killing and injuring innocent people for no fault of theirs. In the latest incident, thirteen people were killed and dozens others injured when a van ploughed into Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas area with IS claiming responsibility for the dastardly attack.
The terrorist attack drew worldwide condemnation with leaders vowing to stand united in defeating terrorism. Pakistan also slammed the attack and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi pointed out that Spain and its people have a long history of multiculturalism and defence of freedom and they cannot easily be scared out of such attacks. He said the terrorists will lose as long as they underestimate spirit of the societies they seek to undermine. Condemnation by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also significant as it highlights the point that Muslims have nothing to do with such inhuman acts and brutalities. But the trend is highly disturbing for Muslims around the world in general and those living and earning their livelihood in Western countries where they have been living in peace and harmony with local communities and contributing a lot in different spheres of life. Those targeting innocent people in the name of Islam are, therefore, doing no service to the religion but bringing bad name to the noble faith that preaches peace and love and complicating things for Muslims around the globe. They are, therefore, in a way, enemies of Islam and Muslims and hence the Western countries should take this aspect into view while formulating their response and reaction to such attacks. We understand that the local Governments and authorities are also facing a challenging situation as there are limits to what they can do to spot and stop those planning murder in this way. The weapons employed are readily available and there is little or no training, co-ordination or planning required. You can detect weapons and explosives through various gadgets but obviously there are few points where individuals can be spotted by the intelligence services who have the intention of using the vehicle as a weapon. This tactic also creates sense of insecurity among citizens, therefore, it is a big challenge for governments and security officials around the world.

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