Terrorism & corruption

Syed Imran Hussain

The largely inquired question at all forums whether it is UN (United Nations), EU (European Union countries), ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Countries), SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Countries) or any other associations of the world, is mostly, what is the main link between terrorism and corruption? This is the most discussed question in all think tanks’ meetings and it is agreed and accepted that whether it is terrorism or civil war, its root cause is always corruption mostly in third world countries which are particularly situated in Asia, Africa and Gulf region, because there is either monarchy, dictatorship – whether military or civilian – with iron fist on their citizens. These rulers, with the blessings of developed countries, first evade and conceal taxes in their hometowns and deposit this ill-gotten money in developed countries particularly Switzerland, Grand Cayman, USA and other safe heavens where no question is asked from the depositors. However, now the world is changing due to awareness campaign through social media such Face book, Twitter as well as printed and electronic media and this is the main reason behind the disclosure of the Panama Leaks which include millions of such corrupt rulers mostly politicians, Generals, Judges, industrialists, bureaucrats, celebrities and businessmen. The most relevant example may be that of Pakistan which on the one hand possesses Nuclear warheads but at the same time almost 90 % population does not have even portable drinking water, what to say about basic health and education. When citizens of these deprived countries including Pakistan do not have basic living things like drinking potable water, Basic Health Units and Primary Education, then underworld dons trap them into their golden traps and train them in the name of rights and ultimately these deprived citizens become terrorists. Now every country whether it is developing or developed, is affected by the terrorism and the recent incidents happened in France and Belgium in 2016, once again have forced the rulers of developed countries to change their policies in respect of corrupt elites of third world countries and a lot has been done by the United Nations but still a lot has to be done; because this a Herculean task.

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