Terrorism after 9/11

Sidra Mushtaq

The current wave of terrorism which forced the States to redefine their security options is associated with post 9/11 events. When America invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan played role of a frontline State in the war on terror. Being the biggest ally of the US in this war, Pakistan faced more damages than any other country. Soon after the invasion of Afghanistan, the militants began to take new roots in Pakistan. Thus, their fresh campaign attracted and brought many conservative people to their fold. Soon they were capable enough to strike.
The effects which terrorism has left on Pak society are beyond measure. It has led to disintegration of society, making social bonds weaker. The very first effect which shook the foundations of the economy of the country was target killing, thus the intellectuals of the country were gunned down and foreign investors as well as tourists were either murdered in cold blood or abducted for ransom. Not only that, many local elites were also gunned down.
Thus this broad daylight carnage compelled them to migrate to other countries. Their migration created an intellectual vacuum causing the ‘Brain Drain’ which has done enormous damage to the country’s economy
In their attempt to lower literacy rate in tribal areas, the militants began to target schools, especially girl-schools. Several girl-schools were blown to discourage female education. Many girls were killed in the bombing of the schools or in the suicide blasts. Brutal attack on APS Peshawar is a glaring example of the losses Pakistan has suffered. Thus Pakistan paid/paying heavy price for being a US ally in the war on terror.

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