Temperatures start soaring in Punjab plains


Staff Reporter

Despite scattered showers in various parts of the Punjab, temperatures have shot up to 33 degrees Celsius in the provincial capital.
The minimum temperature in Lahore on Sunday was recorded 20 degrees Celsius. The local Met office sources said that mainly hot and dry weather was expected in Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir during the next 24 hours.
According to synoptic situation, a continental air is prevailing over most parts of the country.
The health experts advised people of southern Punjab to take all precautionary measures including plenty of water intake to avoid dehydration, avoid hot or sugary drinks (including tea and coffee) to prevent heat-related complications, drink cold drinks and eat smaller amounts of food, and use cold meals, such as salads and fruits.
Other things to adopt include wearing of light-coloured and loose-fitting clothes, made of natural fibres such as cotton and avoiding much exposure to the sunlight.
However, the intermittent rains in upper and central Punjab may affect the wheat crop, which is being harvested or is ready to be harvested in some areas of the province.
The agriculture experts said that farmers should irrigate their fields as per schedule and must also keep well in view the bad weather conditions so as to avoid any salanity that can have damaging effects on crops during cultivation period.

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