Television & kids

Misbah Anwar

Most of the people including kids love to watch TV. Even if they are asked to quit watching it, they will still watch it. In fact, many parents use it as an alternate when they are engaged somewhere else. Some parents think of it as a useful device for their kids. They bring educational DVDs so that their children could learn something positive while they are not present. But they forget the fact that a TV, merely, cannot fulfil the purpose of educating their children’s need. By dragging their kids into digital life they forget about the ethics and practical education that their kids need in the early age of their lives.
Despite the fact that children need guidance at early stages of their childhood, they make toddlers watch different TV shows including cartoons, learning shows etc while they are busy in their own issues. Now a question arises whether TV is good or bad for kids?” No wonder TV is a good source of learning for kids during the age of 6-15 but it also needs parental guidance so that TV does not distract their children’s mind. I personally believe, during the age 4-15 years kids get to learn new things and try to mimic everything they like or watch. So it is parent’s duty to keep an eye on their children’s activities and which programs they watch.
There are some programs which are especially developed for kids. It is proven that the kids, who watch educational and informative TV shows, show a better academic result than those who do not watch them. These programs set children to a new way of learning things while enjoying it. Normally, kids have their own way of handling things, though they could not practically learn a thing while watching it, but they come to know that how to do it. According to another study done by scientists, it was proven that watching cartoons help children in relieving stress. Hence, some preschoolers who actively watch TV programs get good grades and are less aggressive as compared to other kids.

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