Teenage girls beware

Love is about two people caring about each other and taking pleasure in being together. Teenagers must remember that Love may be blind but the lovers aren’t. MMS clips not limited to love birds’ adventurous game. There are some cases in the country where hotel or mall employees were involved in putting hidden pinhole cameras in the hotel rooms and changing rooms of the girls. Modernisation has given the easy access to these gadgets. This issue was raised in parliament but nothing happened to tackle these issues effectively. When some girls fall in love, they believe the relationship is forever. If the boy has bad intentions, he can even get her to pose for such videos. Most of the cases are the result of the blind faith of the girl on his partner and the girls are cheated again and again and again. When I see the young girls displaying their assets, or lack thereof, I feel sorry for them that they can’t get the attention they seek another way.  Girls should value themselves more and dress appropriately and behave like ladies instead of objects for men to do with whatever they please. Our girls have always been imbedded in their upbringing with a lot of values, sensitivity and emotions; hence they eventually fall in love with their lovers, who have been showing them a good time till now. Teenagers must understand that Sex is a beautiful, natural act and should be legally encouraged, not confined into a dark, shameful corner. Let’s work to produce an enlightened, healthy generation. VINOD C DIXITAhmedabad, India

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