Technology makes Eid greetings fast & simple

Sophia Siddiqui

Islamabad—As the holy month of Ramazan approaches its last leg, markets glitter with Eid paraphernalia: confectionery, clothes, bangles, mehendi– all typical associations with this festive occasion. However, one particular trend has dwindled over the years: the practice of sending out Eid cards.
While the custom of Eid greetings has not entirely vanished, the mode has changed. People neither get the time to visit card stalls like before, nor line up for the postage. On the eve and day of Eid, mobile phones services, however, do experience a sudden onslaught of heavy traffic owing to a blitz of Eid wishes.
It was once a routine for most families to spend time appropriately selecting, purchasing, writing and posting Eid greeting cards to friends and families. Especially the love birds used to avail this opportunity to send emotional and colourful cards to each other to express their real feelings and emotions. But thanks to the innovation brought by the internet and information technology that these Eid greetings by the way of mobile phone and internet have become easier with added colour and novelty.
Now hardly anyone sets up stalls for Eid cards which once were used to be seen in each nook and corner of markets especially in the last Ashra of holy month, said customers at Aabpara market.
Talking to Pakistan Observer, different shoppers storming the markets especially bangles said that no the cell phones and internet have made the eid greetings very simple. “ Now just one or two days before the Eid, we send the E-cards or eid greetings via SMS, MMS or WhatsApp to the family members living in any part of the country. A whole variety of E-cards and Greetings are available on the internet and after just a simple google search, we select the greeting of our choice and send to the friends or family members,” they added.
This correspondent, however, find some young lot who were still interested in selecting the traditional cards which one may find only in some of the book shops. “ We know that the latest information technology has changed our entire life style, making the life very simple but I believe sending the traditional cards has more value and worth than those SMS or Whatsapp greetings, said one of the girls who wished not to be named. Other chatting softwares like IMO, Viber .

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