Technology and relationships

Two decades back when me and my brother were kids, while playing with us our father used to say that “Son one day I’ll bring something for you that you don’t need to wait for your cartoons for so long, you just press the button and you can watch whatever you want to. I curiously asked him “And what for me? He thought for a while and replied; “Putri, I’ll buy something, when you press a button it will put makeup automatically on you. As I was fond of makeup and also too young at that time, this thought fantasized me. I felt so happy but my brother shook his head with disbelief and laughter that it can’t be possible. Last month my brother came back from Canada after doing his diploma in engineering and networking.
In family gathering, he recalls this story in front of Babajani with so much appreciation for his prudent forethoughts. That day my father laughed and said son “see I was right. While sitting together with family and talking about past realizes me that is what we are missing nowadays in this digital world. We have time to watch our favourite serial on YouTube, time to chat with friends. We have many beauty/makeup apps to make our picture beautiful on a single touch but we are too far away from our loved ones. Kids of 21 century want gadgets to play instead of their counterparts. In the late 90’s, streets were busy with children’s playing cricket, skating, cycling, but now desolated streets are telling the story of so-called technological reforms which silently eradicating physical activities for mental and social growth and diminishing humanity. Technology may bring us closer to the world but taking us far away from our loved ones and basic responsibilities.

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