Tech impact on humans

The invention of wheel revolutionised the human life. It made easy to shift load from one place to another. Secondly, many other inventions brought a great change in human life. Now what is impact of inventions on human beings. First of all, the we get rid from diseases. Secondly, world become a global village. Thirdly, now man can travel a great distance during a limited time. Fourthly, get any kind of information easily. Fifthly, with the easiness, it also brings a great disaster in the form of modern wars. Now man has less time for family and great time for modern gadgets. He is becoming more and more materialistic. Although he has more and more protocols but the value of humanity is becoming less and less. Someone said I am afraid from the day that we do not have time one another due to technology.
Technology may bring happiness in life but it is destructing the natural cycle of world. We are making this world a hell also by own hands. Technology is a great reason behind a great comfortable but it is also the reason behind great destructivity which man never see before. We may also suggest that positive use of technology is good for humanity. But we are unable to eliminate the race between among themselves. every strong nation wants to seize the resources of weak nation.
For this purpose, a highly destructive technology is used. Now a great danger of nuclear war is also surrounded us. We never think life become so unrealistic than ever before. But what can any body do. It is inevitable. It is the fate of human nature to grow and evolve whether it is wrong or right just invent it. Technology is not a bad thing we accept it as a part of human evolution. The main thing how much we apply it in own lives. If we used it in a control way then it is very good thing. The problem arises when we become addicted to it and are unable to remain without it.
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