Teasing transport

Farah Khan

Just before a week, I was travelling by a local bus when I went through a bizarre experience. The bus was overloaded from tip to toe and there were many passengers sat on the roof of the bus. The bus driver was in the race with another bus driver. The bus driver and the conductor were enjoying the race very much. They were laughing and communicating with the other bus driver and conductor vulgarly. Suddenly, the tyre of the bus busted with a heavy sound and the whole bus was filled with black smoke. Every one travelling including myself screamed aloud out of fear. The bus driver and conductor were also shocked and moreover the conductor of the bus left the bus suddenly and ran to save his life fearing that the bus would topple.
What might have happened if the bus would have toppled on the road? Injuring and killing several passengers that were in the bus and causing severe accident on the road that would have put numerous innocent lives in danger whereas no serious action would have been taken by the concerned officials and it would have made another news bulletin only for a particular time period and after that people would have forgotten what a catastrophic incidence it was. However there should be proper instigation of this type of bus drivers for this purpose there should be a specific help line dedicated only to complain about irresponsible bus drivers, so there should be no accident happen and the concerned authorities should keep check of transport vehicles that are being used at the city and the transporters so that every passenger of public transport bus reaches his destination safely.

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