Tearing Constitution is like tearing soul of nation

Islamabad—“The sanctity of the Constitution demands that we not only act upon it in letter and spirit and jealously safeguard it but also to punish those treasonous elements that have abrogated and subverted this foundational document of the state, the basic social contract between the state and citizen and the glue that binds its federating units”.
This has been stated by the former President Asif Ali Zardari in a message on the eve of the Constitution Day on Sunday April 10 when the unanimously adopted Constitution of Pakistan was passed by the National Assembly on this day in 1973.
It is a national disgrace that a dictator abrogated the Constitution in 1977 later ridiculed it as ‘a mere 15-page document’ that he boasted could be torn at will, he said.
“Tearing the Constitution is tearing the soul of the nation. Ridiculing it is ridiculing the people”. Those who tear and ridicule the Constitution are the traitors of the nation. Dictators and usurpers must be punished; they will be in the fullness of time, he said.—NNI

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