Teachers’ role acknowledged for society’s betterment

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Islamabad—Speakers at a conference held here Wednesday paid tributes to the teachers for their role in development of societies through disseminating knowledge and wisdom. The conference was arranged by National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) in collaboration with Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). Addressing on the occasion, Chairperson NCHD and former Senator Razina Alam Khan said a literate environment, not only improves socio economic indicators in a society but also positively influences systems of the governance.
“Everything we create today is based on the knowledge that we obtain throughout our life by innovative education, technology and technology based products”, she added.
“When the people of a nation are educated, they would definitely carve ways to become self sufficient. An economically independent society is the stepping stone to combined productivity that leads to the economic growth of the nation, on the whole”, Razina Alam said. Chairperson expressed the hope that by enhancement of enrollment in the schools, the number of illiterates in the country, most of them females, would be reduced.
Keeping in mind the low literacy rate of women in Pakistan, NCHD devised ‘Adult Literacy Program’ that focuses on women especially the mothers, she said. The female teachers of NCHD are great asset, she informed. She deplored that the situation becomes worse with the staggering figure that out of 26 million children who are enrolled, only 33% reach the matriculation level. NCHD has launched a country wide campaign for drop-outs and 82,166 children have been enrolled by now in our feeder schools since April 2016, she informed.
While discussing the grim educational statistics in Pakistan, chairperson NCHD said, the primary net enrollment is 72%, out of which 33% are dropouts. Accessibility is one of the main reasons of low enrollment, in order to address this issue, NCHD had established 5,949 Community Feeder Schools in underprivileged and remote areas all over Pakistan.

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