Teachers’ capacity building

Teachers are quite respectable and honourable community. Besides the parents, teachers educate, train and do character building of the students and groom them as the leaders of tomorrow to shoulder greater national responsibilities. It is good to note that the Punjab government has decided to send as many as 5000 best performing teachers to the best institutions of the world for their capacity building. This good news for the best performing teachers was announced by the Provincial School Education Minister at a function held to celebrate the World Teachers Day and pay much deserving tributes to the teachers and highlight their educational role in educating and training the younger generation. Star teachers were also given awards, certificates and cash prizes in recognition and appreciation of their praiseworthy services. Additionally, the teachers will also be provided interest-free loans through the Teachers Foundation to facilitate them in providing good education to their children, healthcare and other necessities of life. Needless to mention that during the last couple of years the provincial government has taken a number of measures to improve service conditions of the teachers including upgradation of primary school teachers from grade 9 to 14, grade 15 teachers given next grade and elementary school teachers upped to grade 15 and secondary schools teachers in grade 16 have been given two increments. Furthermore, in order to impart quality training to the teachers the Quaid-i-Azam Academy for Educational Development has also been established as a state-of-the-art institution. All this is quite appreciable and augurs well for further improving educational capabilities and service conditions of the teachers though there is still room for further improvement which, of course, will be hopefully taken up in due course.

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