TDPs face bureaucratic intrigues

IN our country, creating bureaucratic hurdles in execution of some good work for the well-being of people is not something new. Despite successive government’s claims to reform the bureaucracy, the situation has not changed much as reports keep surfacing in the media about negative posture and dealings of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are supposed to facilitate and serve the people but over the period of time they have only faltered on their duties.
The case in point is FATA Secretariat where some bureaucrats have been reportedly busy in settling personal scores instead of helping the distressed temporarily displaced persons. As a result of this bickering, several projects aimed at bringing relief to TDPs are facing delay because of which the country is also facing the threat of losing claim over a grant worth millions of dollars committed by foreign donors for the rehabilitation of people affected by operation Zarb-i-Azb. The World Bank is administering this donor money and it recently approached Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Zafar Iqbal Jhagra to avoid the money from lapsing. We expect that Governor, being representative of the federation, will pay some urgent attention towards the matter and use his influence to get the TDPs related projects approved without any bureaucratic hitch. This in fact is vital not only to secure the foreign funds but actually bringing improvements in the lives of people who in fact already have given unprecedented sacrifices for the sake of peace in the country. Instead of rubbing salt to their wounds, it is time to heal them and that too with quick pace in order to help them stand on their own feet. Bureaucracy at FATA secretariat must shun negative posture and focus on their work at this critical juncture when some of the displaced families have returned to the camps because of the absence of basic community infrastructure in their areas. FATA secretariat has an important role to play in provision of basic amenities to displaced people and any failure in this regard will be tragic for the whole country and not at all help taking the war on militancy to logical conclusion.

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