TDAP holds moot on export of guargum

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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) ,sub-regional office , Hyderabad organised a seminar on Export Potential of Guargum recently at Mithi, Tharparkar, under supervision of Mr. Ashiq Hussain Khoso, deputy director, TDAP. The seminar was attended by around 120 guar growers and traders of the region and researchers, soil scientists, officers from the departments concerned shared their in-depth knowledge and skills with the audience and highlighted the export potential of this product.
Guargum is a substance made from guar beans which has thickening and stabilizing properties useful in various industries such as Textile industry – sizing, finishing and printing, Paper industry – improved sheet formation, folding and denser surface for printing, Pharmaceutical industry – as binder or as disintegrator in tablets; Cosmetics and toiletries industries , Explosives industry – as waterproofing agent , Fire retardant industry, food industry and Mining.
Dr. Lal Hussain Akhtar, Guar Botanist, Agriculture Research Institute, Government of Punjab spoke on the occasion that Pakistan, being the 2nd largest producer of guar, meets 10% to 15% of world’s supply. Guar, being a crop of arid and semi-arid regions, is also sown as a major crop in Tharparkar. He emphasised that there should be a research institute in Tharparkar helping the growers to increase the yield by introducing the promising seeds.
Dr. Jhaman Das, PHD in Guargum told that Agriculture Department in Tharparkar district has estimated total kharif production of the crop in 2011 at about 7,20,000 maunds cultivated over an area of about 6,00,000 acres. Agriculture experts working are of the view that production of guar could be increased many times more in the area. There is also need to set up a guar-gum processing industry in Tharparkar for its direct export. This will help gain optimum economic returns on the product benefiting local producers. The representatives of Sindh Horticulture Research Institute, Department of Agriculture Research /Extension, Department of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Agriculture University etc also shared their research and skills.

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