Who is targeting Al-Bayrak?

UNKNOWN gunmen on Saturday killed two employees of Turkish waste management firm, Al-Bayrak, and injured one in Rawalpindi. Two men drove by on a motorcycle, opened firing on the employees when they were cleaning the streets near Nishtar Market within the jurisdiction of the Sadiqabad police station. Earlier, one employee of the company was killed in August and another in June this year in the same area.
Rawalpindi Waste Management Company/Al-Bayrak is rendering great service as they have successfully changed the overall environment of Rawalpindi, which, previously, presented dismal scenes as far as sanitation and cleanliness is concerned. Thanks to CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, and the hard work of their workers, solid waste is regularly collected from each and every street and road of the city besides mechanical sweeping of different areas. For the first time in decades, people of Rawalpindi have seen real difference as far as cleanliness is concerned. Targeting of sanitary workers and staff is highly deplorable as repeated attacks have inculcated a sense of insecurity among them. There are initial reports of ‘personal enmity’ but three attacks during the last few months speak of something else. Some vested interests might be at work as Al-Bayrak has replaced an inefficient system and corrupt contract system. There might be some other motives as well in the prevailing political and security environment as such targeted attacks could also be aimed at terrorizing people and paralysing the waste management system. Punjab Government has created several tiers of security forces including the one to check street crimes but regrettably none of them is delivering as per expectations. It is job of police and security/intelligence agencies to hunt down criminals and bring them to book.

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