Taliban militants kidnap 170 passengers from Kunduz-Takhar highway


KABUL : The Taliban militants have kidnapped at least 170 passengers from the highway connecting Kunduz with the northeastern Takhar province of Afghanistan.

The Security Director of Kunduz Security Commandment Safiullah Mahzon confirmed the incident and said the passengers were abducted from the vicinity of Khanabad district.

The local officials are saying that the Afghan forces are busy conducting operation to rescue the abducted passengers.

In the meantime, Mahzon said the kidnapped passengers were on their way to Kabul province when they were kidnapped.

He did not disclose further information regarding the exact number of passengers who have been kidnapped but the local sources are saying that around 170 people were travelling in three buses when they were kidnapped.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants have not commented regarding the report so far.

The Taliban militants often kidnap passengers on the main highways of the country on charges of having links with the government or security institutions of Afghanistan.

Kunduz has been among the relatively calm provinces in northern parts of the country but the security situation has deteriorated in some parts of the province during the recent years.

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