Talent has no value

Hamid Ali NB

It is an accepted reality that Pakistan is a young nation but there are countless talented people over here almost in every field of life. They are singers, poets, actors, actresses, writers, producers and there goes a lengthy list. All that we know is that talent has no value in Pakistan; therefore, all talented people are leaving Pakistan and demonstrating their talent in foreign lands. No one can deny the fact that Rahat Fateh Ali and Atif Aslam are remarkable singers but both are performing in India. Ali Zafar, Veena Malik, Soni Razdan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Somy Ali, Meesha Shafi, Salma Agha, Sara Loren and many more are the best actors but none of them is found in Pakistan. They all are working in the Bollywood currently. Talented people in Pakistan enjoy no respectability, therefore, they are compelled to go abroad where talent is respected. It hurts to mention that leaving Pakistan has become trendy nowadays. Many of the doctors, engineers and many more have left Pakistan. It leaves a negative impression on the face of Pakistan. If all the talented people would go abroad, day is not far off when we will be a nation, but no talent. I would like to request both the government and the citizens of Pakistan to honour, respect and value the talented people so that they perform in a better way.

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