Take Kashmir issue to international fora

PEOPLE of Pakistan have long been expressing solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren on different occasions but the Black Day observed on Wednesday was significant in that there was more emotional touch in the activities relating to the Day and people from different walks of life sent a strong message to the world about the need to take stock of the prevailing situation in Occupied Kashmir.
The situation in Occupied Kashmir is so critical that the world should have taken serious notice of it as it had been doing in similar cases elsewhere in the world but unfortunately the reaction is somewhat mute, apparently, because of their political and economic interests. It is to be noted that Dal Khalsa, a political organization of Sikh nation, which, in the past, remained neutral on the issue, has also been forced to hold protest demonstrations and rallies against draconian measures of Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir. There is no doubt that the Government and people of Pakistan demonstrated their complete solidarity with Kashmiris and renewed resolve to continue supporting their struggle for right to self-determination. However, it may be pointed out that the situation demands that we should go beyond holding of customary rallies and processions and take concrete measures to highlight the situation in Occupied Kashmir and the cause of Kashmiris before the world community. It is good that Advisor on Foreign Affairs and his senior colleagues had a brainstorming session with analysts and strategists with objective of taking their input on how best to proceed further. As pointed out by Sartaj Aziz himself, the world felt the need for resolution of the Kashmir dispute immediately after 1998 nuclear tests, considering Kashmir as a nuclear flash point but the interest has faded out despite the fact that Kashmir remains a flashpoint. Efforts should be made to resolve the issue now as leaving the dispute for future generations to handle is fraught with serious consequences as anything could happen between two nuclear-armed neighbours. As India is not willing to engage into meaningful discussions on Kashmir with Pakistan and Kashmiris, it is need of the hour to internationalise issue by raising it at different regional and global forums. Apart from ensuring that our missions abroad keep constantly in touch with concerned officials of the host countries and media, special envoys should be dispatched to different world capitals to mould public opinion in favour of cause of Kashmiri people.

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