Takbir Afridi laid to rest

Nasib Shah Shinwari


Senior tribal journalist who was died of cardiac failure a day before was laid to rest in Landikotal on Wednesday. A large number of civil society members, civil servants and journalists from across Khyber Agency and Peshawar participated at the funeral prayer of Takbir Afridi (45), senior journalist and the reporter of Daily Aaj Peshawar in Niki Khel village of Landikotal. According to a close friend of late Takbir Afridi, he was admitted at Peshawar hospital after typhoid disease was dignosed and on the same day he died of heart failure on Tuesday evening. Assistant political Agent of Landikotal Niaz Muhammad, assistant political tehsildar Landikotal, Shamsul Islam and other senior officials went to the home of Takbir Khan Afridi.

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