Tackling new wave of terror

Dr Muhammad Khan

Pakistan has been a target of terrorism ever since start of this deadly menace in 2001. It has lost over 70,000 people in last sixteen years and there is no let-up in this wave of human massacre with increasing number of casualties after each terror attack. Most recently, three major terror attacks alongside a number of minor terrorist incidents took place in major cities of Pakistan, killing over all over 125 people. This revival of the terrorism in a sequence, cannot be incidental, but seems to be very well planned and deliberate.
Attack on police officers in Lahore was meant to break the will of a force, meant to maintain law and order situation in the country and this aspect was most relevant to the domestic peace. These police officers were thorough professionals, honest and dedicated against the crimes and terrorism. The judicial people targeted in Peshawar were a message for the lower courts, not to try the terrorists at least, so be away. These two classes of the country are directly involved in the judicial processes and law and order within the borders.
Targeting the innocents at the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan Sharif was against the gathering devoted people, who love Sufi Islam, a peace lover class, having no enmity and hate against anyone. So this was a message against the followers of Islam and followers of the peace, which mean by enemies of Islam and enemies of peace. Then, there were attacks against armed forces, Pak Army men in various parts of the country; Eastern borders and internally in Balochistan area through IED. A number of Pak Army men, FC troops, Levies were attacked and killed.
The over picture from these attacks, provides a clear evidence that simultaneous attacks both; domestically and from across the frontiers were meant to give a clear warning to Pakistan that, Pakistani adversaries are well organised, prepared and have synchronisation to damage Pakistan. To put the things in a context, there have been a series of covert terrorists’ attacks inside Pakistan and a number of attacks on bordering areas by our eastern and western neighbours. These recent attacks are physical demonstration of those threats and warnings, which Indian and Afghan leadership have been issuing from time.
The former Afghan President, Hamid Karazai is on record saying that, ‘we will bleed Pakistan and make it like Afghanistan’. Besides, a lot has been said about terrorising Pakistan by Afghan ministers and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. On the other side, Indian Prime Minister, Mr Modi and his cabinet ministers have clearly hinted to destroy Pakistan through all possible strategic planning; stoppage of water of Western rivers, waging war through its well-built terrorist network and isolating Pakistan politically and diplomatically. One of incumbent Indian Minister said that, India will break Pakistan into ten parts, completing the agenda, started in 1971, which Modi proudly proclaimed during his visit of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a few years ago.
This all was meant to give a background to all those, still feel that, India, Afghanistan and some international forces have no share in the promotion of this terrorism inside Pakistan and that, this is a purely domestic affair. The current wave of terrorism, started somewhere in the beginning of this century has an external dimension. India is fully supporting this terrorism through its notorious spying network; RAW. The RAW is implementing its agenda by making use of its owned trained Afghan spying network, NDS and Afghan soil. The political leadership is fully on board to the Indian terrorists activities against Pakistan. In fact, President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah are acting as Indian deputies and Afghanistan as Indian Satellite State.
Pakistan considers peace and stability in Afghanistan as an essential and as a pre-requisite to peace, stability and economic prosperity in Pakistan. Unlike India, Pakistan has supported its Afghan brethren wholeheartedly, without any accountability. Peace and stability in Afghanistan suit Pakistan, whereas, a peaceful Afghanistan does not suit India and may be some external forces, having their strategic objectives better served in an unstable Afghanistan. If IS is being nourished in Afghanistan and TPP is providing nursery for that, as revealed by US Military Commander, the message is clear that, there is a huge presence of TTP in Afghanistan and their new alliance is being done with the acceptance or at least tacit approval of US forces. US General John Nicholson, commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said in his testimony in US Senate that, “In case of IS (Khorasan province), the majority of the members are from TTP Pakistan.”
Nothing is possible in Afghanistan without US approval and terrorism from RAW-NDS nexus is not in isolation. There is political, economic and strategic dimension of the current terrorism in Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan, China and Russia made some efforts for bringing peace in Afghanistan and through CPEC there would be a larger economic prosperity in the region, which may not be in the interest of many regional and international forces. Being the originator and focus of these developments, Pakistan is being targeted through a well-planned terrorism. Let us have counter strategy and offensive posture to our so far a polite diplomacy. The political leadership needs to be forceful and engaging towards hostile forces, while the military be given a free hand to combat the terrorists; some of them may have their sympathisers in government too. Let us there be a strong political resolve against militancy, extremism, terrorism and domestic and external forces, trying to destabilise Pakistan, on behest of enemypowers.978
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.
Email: drmk_edu@yahoo.com

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