Tackling Islamophobia

Dr Ikram Azam

ISLAMOPHOBIA is not just rhetoric — as visible viciously all over the world, both at the top-elitist leadership level, and the lay level of the “Awam” — people and their propogandist populism. Today, President-elect Donald Trump of the US is its most viciously vocal votary. The Islamophobia Rhetoric is eerily reflected in the global media: American, European, Israeli Zionist, Indian Hindutva and elsewhere.
The Islamophobia reality goes galloping globally in Islam-bashing and Muslim-baiting, escalatingly and endlessly around the clock. Its most malevolent manifestations are War and Terrorism. WMDs Wars: hot, cold, hot-cold, calculatedly interventionist — all over the Muslim world — with no end in view. The MIC — NATO superpower is its the key cause perpetrator and perpetuator. They are wars of imperialism as reconquestorial colonialism. Terrorism is, likewise, State, Intra-State, Inter-State and Non-State. Its core cause is fanatical extremism as asserted in confrontationist, conflictive and divisive sectarianism, partisanism and egocentric personalism of its deviant leadership seeking control of the whole world to impose its own image of an exclusivistic ‘new world order’ dominated by the devil’s disciples to defeat God’s compassionately peaceful Kingdom on Earth.
Since the Muslim World and its Muslims are being targeted by Islamophobia, the moral onus lies on them to tackle it peacefully. This can be done practically in real life by persistent pursuing and practicing Islamic pragmatism as inspired by Islam. The most critical caveate for that is to (i) Interpret; (ii) Practise and (iii) Project:
This essentiates, minimally that: (a) The Muslim Ummah integrates itself fraternally under ‘Islami Tauheid’ — unison, oneness, cohesion. (b) It seeks to solve the age-old festering historical peace problems of the Muslim world, specifically: Palestine and Kashmir. (c) Secure the basic needs and human rights of the Muslim Diaspora. (d) Invoke and involve the UN and its big / global powers in this mission-movement. (e) Involve the activism of the global peace movement and human rights organizations all over the world.
Implementing Islam as the perennial peace paradigm and Muhammadi moral model as an Islamic peace mission-cum-movement means two-pronged persistly consistent action on the following five fronts: (i) Indigenously in transforming each and every Muslim country’s State-social system — Islamically; (ii) Such action at the level of the whole Islamic Ummah; (iii) Sorting out peacefully and settling the differences between the Muslim World countries, justly and permanently; (iv) To try to emerge and establish themselves, individually and collectively, as role model / exemplary Islamic-Muslim state-social systems; (v) To befriend the global human society, fraternally by the foregoing means. The foregoing submissions need to be considered seriously by the Muslim World for activist action and incluvistic implementation. The UN and big powers need to enable the Muslim world to do so, as its trustworthy sincere friends.
— The writer is co-founder Pakistan Futuristic Institute, Islamabad.

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