Tackling Congo fever

Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever is a viral disease that typically spreads by Tick bites or contact with livestock carrying this disease. The virus, however; also spreads through body fluids. It has been found that those affected by this disease are mostly associated with agriculture, especially involving farmers and workers in slaughter-houses. Thus, being an agrarian society, this disease is emerging, remerging and consuming lives in Pakistan. As per reports this year it claimed three lives so far, so is obviously fatal. Though findings have shown that less than half of infected people die, yet it is important to adopt an approach for its containment.
Before we think about curbing this disease, it is essential to know its occurrence, which is possible through the knowledge about its signs and symptoms. The symptoms of this disease include fever, muscle pain, headache, diarrhea and bleeding into the skin. In case of bad containment of first symptoms, it can lead to mood instability, agitation, mental confusion and other liver problems.
No vaccine is available for this disease, so all that we can do is to take precautions: (a) where there are possibilities of mammalian tick-infection, de-ticking farm animals before transportation or delivery for slaughter-house becomes the necessity, (b) use of insect repellents, adequate clothing which include gloves, full sleeve shirts, laces shoes with socks etc to prevent direct contact with ticks, (c) avoiding contact with blood and body fluids of livestock, (d) after slaughtering, ensure that blood is buried underground, (e) sanitation is important, after handling animals or their meat, washing of the body and hands is vitally necessary (f) maintain distant contact with an infected person, after dealing with him/her, ensure sanitization, and (g) use drugs that kill the ticks (acaricides) to get rid of them. This disease is not much panicking, however; preventive measures are to be taken necessarily to have protection from this disease.
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