System rescued

AS things were being pushed to the extreme due to non-compromising attitude of the PTI and the government, the Supreme Court came to the rescue of the system by declaring its intention to form a Commission and directing the parties concerned to submit in writing their Terms of Reference (ToRs). Above all, the court asserted that in case there was no agreement among the parties then it would frame its own ToRs.
It is commendable that the court decision and directions have been welcomed and accepted by the government and PTI. As a result the overall political tension that had reached boiling point has cooled down to a great extent. Otherwise, the PTI was bent upon implementing its ‘lockdown Islamabad’ plan and the government was determined to foil PTI’s attempt, and there were chances of a violent clash. What the Supreme Court has done is a clear message that our institutions are capable of addressing any complex situation provided they are not ridiculed and instead trusted upon. It is also a message that all stakeholders should concentrate on institution-building, and if they carry out their functions and responsibilities as per the legal and constitutional scheme of things, the country cannot be harmed by internal or external elements and factors. As for the Panama Papers issue, both sides should now assist the proposed Commission to arrive at a definite conclusion. The issue of ToRs had become a bone of contention as the opposition wanted the government to accept its ToRs without changing even comma or full stop while the government claimed theirs the most comprehensive. Aitzaz Ahsan’s plea that the SC should not prepare ToRs as this would make the institution controversial is a jaundiced notion. The top court of the country is supposed to prepare ToRs that fulfill all legal requirements and no one but Aitzaz Ahsan should know better. Then why make a fuss? We would urge that there should be no more politics over the issue when it is being addressed by the right forum.

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