Syria may crumble down

FIVE years of civil war has left Syria bleeding but little is being done to help end the conflict that has already claimed the lives of over 400,000 people and now spiralling beyond the boundaries of the country. The so-called ceasefire in place since February exists only on papers as killing of innocent population has become a routine occurrence there. In the latest horrific attack, a massive bomb blast killed at least forty-eight people and wounded dozens others on Wednesday in Qamishli city in what is being described as the largest and deadliest attack to hit the city since the beginning of Syrian conflict in 2011.
Deplorably the conflicting interests of the big powers have made the country a battleground – the sufferers of whom are only the Syrian people many of whom have left their homes to find refuge at foreign lands while those who opted to stay back in their country are faced with worst humanitarian crisis and food shortages. The situation has deteriorated to the level that even the hospitals and medical facilities are not being spared from aerial bombardments. These attacks on hospices are further compounding the miseries of the distressed and ill-fated Syrian people. In fact the war in Iraq and the worst handling of situation there did not teach any lesson to the influential countries and while treading the same path, they are now bent upon tearing apart Syria as well – something that will not augur well not only for the region but the world at large in terms of peace and stability. Given the serious and disastrous repercussions that the aggravation of Syrian conflict may inflict, it is time for United Nations, OIC and Arab League to take serious notice of the situation and take some concrete and out of way steps to restore peace and normalcy in the country, and devise a course of action to salvage the region from conflicts – otherwise outside forces will continue to play havoc with their territories.

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