Symptom or disease..!

THE pain was excruciating that night! I swallowed painkillers, tried a hot massage, placed ice on my shoulder and arm but the ache refused to go. It came in spasms and my wife watched with dismayed face as I grimaced with every new attack. I hardly slept.
“Take away the pain!” I prayed aloud next morning. “You are a God who heals, heal me I beg you!” But the pain was still there when the phone rang. It was my wife calling from the hospital. “Bob,” she said, “I think I know what’s causing the pain. It’s uric acid. Just talked to my colleagues and they agree.” I put down the phone and looked up to my God on high,
“I understand God,” I said, “why you did not heal the pain.” The pain was the symptom not the disease. If the pain had gone away, I would have still had the disease which would have grown worse and easily led to farther complications. “Thank you God,” I prayed, “for warning pain.”
I had dealt with uric acid before and I knew it meant a change in my eating habits and life style. No spinach, no proteins..! But it was not the uric acid that occupied my mind. It was the fact that maybe a truth had been revealed by this small episode.
We all cry for something or other to God everyday. Sometimes like me it is relief from illness or disease. Or maybe: A cry for love? A cry for caring? A prayer for a new job? We then wonder why God doesn’t answer our prayer. Maybe, just maybe we are asking for a cure for the symptom, whereas God wants us to search and look hard for the disease.
The mother in law who feels she is ill treated at home, and prays everyday for more love from her daughter in law, could be asking for relief from the symptom. The disease in all probability is that she herself lacks giving or expressing love. Once the flood gates of her own love open up, the so called disease which is the daughter in law problem disappears like magic!
The unemployed man who has tried every prayer in the book for employment is actually having a laziness disorder or that of inconsistency or lack of persistence. He starts building character into himself and healing arrives..!
The middle-aged woman with cervical collar round neck and with the pain of spondylosis carries unresolved anger. An anger which could fester in her, till with ulcer or heart failure she succumbs. She sorts out anger and pain vanishes..!
A student failing his or her exams, despite having spent hours praying for success might begin with concentrating on more effort or a change in the method of studying. Failure in exam, which is the symptom could lead to a dramatic positive change in his or her future..!
I wondered as I drove home the other day, how easy it would have been if there were only green lights at every junction. And yet what a catastrophe it would be. We would sail through the lights into and onto other cars and into major accidents.
We need the red lights, because they warn us of problems ahead, just as we need the pain and illnesses and adverse circumstances to warn us of a disease inside. I hope the pain doesn’t occur again, but if it does, I am going to close my eyes and thank God for symptoms which are miracles towards healing..!

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