Switch off your phone..!

SIR this is a call from your mobile phone company. We offer you a 20% discount if you talk more between now and the end of the month. There are also prizes if you talk for more than twenty minutes a day.” “To whom?” “I beg your pardon sir?”
“To whom do I talk to?” I ask. “To your family, your friends sir.” “I speak enough when I meet them, why should I talk anymore?” The poor fellow at the other end is flabbergasted. He can’t imagine anyone refusing the chance to talk more, I on the other hand can’t imagine why people want to talk so much more.
The other day a group of us friends went out for dinner. We invited a new friend Thomas to come along. As he got into my car, I saw him dialing a number. “Busy fellow,” I thought to myself and then listened to absolutely plain, frivolous idiotic talk. Conversation between two carried on throughout dinner, not only didn’t he contribute to conversation, but interrupted ours with his; after all one can’t help overhear talk which is carried on right next to your ear.
And I see this happening all the time. A husband and wife going out for dinner with both glued to their cells. The husband furiously talking to some business associate and the wife talking either to friend or child left at home or with maid about tomorrow’s menu. When one finishes he or she looks up and seeing the other still busy, dials another number!
Theatres and places of public performances now request audience to put off cell phone. I think, since the government is now into bans and enforcing laws, they should also have a switch off your phone hour. An hour when you are alone with yourself, or with company but without a phone or whatsapp or peeking at your email.Precious moments when your mind can wander, becomes relaxed and unfocussed, goes over the day gone by, smiles at certain incidents, frowns at others, thinks out problems or just dreams. I used to love sitting in a suburban train watching commuters as they let their minds wander for the period of the journey, smiles would appear suddenly as some thought brought remembrances of pleasure or worry lines at some sad incident..
Let this happen again, and if the government doesn’t do it, you do it. Impose on yourself a no phone hour each day. It might be as useful as yoga or meditation.Try it, it may become moments when you enjoy being alone with yourself..!
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