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Friday, November 13, 2015 – WHAT actually has been the responsibility of the Sindh Department of Culture, has now been taken over by the diplomatic missions in Karachi, and like-wise in Islamabad. They arrange health seminars, art and cultural shows, movies, fun fares etc to provide a refreshing atmosphere to Karachiites.

This week, while the Swiss consul general Emil Wyss, ever active since the day of his arrival in the city, organized a health seminar on an altogether topic—how to replace your tension with happiness—at his official residence, the Indonesia consul general Hadi Santoso has come out with a tremendous programme or promoting his country’s culture for the people of themega city.

A Pakistani Canadian, Dr Imran provided some fascinating tips to a select crowd on ways to remove tension and restore energy in tired bodies, so that you can improve the quality of your life. His tips, backed by practical demonstrations and a film presentation, was indeed laudable.

Dr Imran, young and energetic himself has been organizing such demos in different parts of the world. Emil, always in the forefront of promoting such events, and helping the have-nots, orphans, blood transfusion services. The seminar at the Swiss consulate was based on exercise primarily as a smaller part of yoga, and on improving the breathing system through inhaling oxygen, holding the breath for few seconds, and exhaling the carbon dioxide.

That way your digestion system remains functional, and your joints etc, body movement, including of face, neck, and eyes through rotational movements, liberate you from becoming too dependent on doctors. Simpler were the exercises, recommended by Dr Imran. It actually is based on refreshing yourself through tapping on your knees, jumping up and down, and laughing instead of being glum.

After remaining for three to four hours on seats, you were advised to change the seat, or take a little stroll in your homes and offices to help your body relax from tension, and recharge its energies for atleast four hours. In brief remarks, Emil proudly announced that Switzerland is the healthiest country of the world. The invitees were all appreciate of Dr Imran and Emil Wyss.

The current week will be hectic for the Indonesian consul general Hadi Santoso. He had last month led a huge 33-member trade delegation to his country for Expo, a major event in Indonesia. He said deals were struck between Pakistanis and the Indonesian traders. The visit was highly beneficial for both countries. On the cultural side, Indonesia being part of South East Asia, like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and countries of far east like Korea and China, Japan etc, is bestowed with rich cultural heritage. A cultural contingent is currently in Karachi from his country.

Titled—“Cultural Dialogue “— the troupe will be giving several performances in Karachi, including one to coincide with the two-day Indonesian Products Solo Exhibition at a local hotel on 14th and 15th of this month.

A prelude to the show was presented before a select gathering of diplomats’ and friends’ wives at the residence of the consul general by his wife Sulistyowati Santoso. The guests were entertained to an exciting afternoon dance performance by ensemble in their colourful costumes, and depicting their country’s cultural heritage. The deputy head of the UK mission inKarachi Gil Atkinson, now on transfer back to her country, after winning the hearts of too many people during her stay inKarachi, was the chief guest.

Among the invitees were the wives of Swiss consul general, Arie, herself an Indonesian, and the german consul genera, Annie, and quite a few others. The performance was fascinating and won accolades from all those present.

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