Swat tragedy

KILLING of eleven security personnel including a Captain in a suicide attack in Swat is a stark reminder that menace of terrorism is far from over and the nation will have to be ready to fight a long war with perseverance and determination. It was previously believed that normalcy has returned to the scenic valley but the dastardly attack on a military target highlights the fact that terrorists are still able to strike at will.
Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has claimed that the terrorist attack in Swat was not an organised one and also added that he would not blame anyone, like Afghan leadership, without investigation of the incident. However, his assertion that world community and Afghanistan should take solid measures for repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homeland alludes to the possibility of who has been used and by whom. There is point in Pakistan’s repeated assertion that Afghan refugees should return to Afghanistan without further delay as there can be no guarantee of safety and security while the borders remain free for all. The timing of the attack is also important as it comes in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Afghan capital Kabul that have been blamed by the Afghan authorities on Pakistan. Pakistan has firmly rejected such allegations but it seems NDS and RAW have become active to take advantage of the blame game to destabilise Pakistan further. The choice of Swat is also significant in that it was often quoted as a success story by Pakistani leadership and normalcy had returned to the region. It was attracting tourists boosting confidence of the people of Pakistan as well as the local population. Therefore, the incident should be thoroughly investigated and all those involved in planning and execution exposed. As for return of Afghan refugees, Pakistan should not care about reaction of the United States or Afghanistan and send the entire lot back without waste of further time. There should be no compromise when it comes to the national security and safety of our own people. We have hosted refugees for a record time at the cost of our own security and scant resources and that is why there is growing demand for their repatriation at the earliest.

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