Swat Motorway — competing in development

PERHAPS in the first visible and concrete step towards development and resolution of problems of the masses, the KPK Government of PTI, on Thursday, launched mega project of Swat Motorway, which has rightly been described by Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak as beginning of a new era of economic development and creation of employment opportunities. The 81-kilometer long motorway would be completed in 18 months at a cost of Rs. 40 billion.
This, coupled, with Metro Bus project in Peshawar are the projects and programmes that the Provincial government should have initiated much earlier but unfortunately it lost most of its time in protests and agitation against the Federal Government of PML(N) that started similar projects from the day one of its rule. Saner elements have been urging the PTI to shun this tendency and instead focus on service of the people and development of the KPK as its performance is minutely being observed by people of Pakistan, who will have another opportunity in 2018 to decide fate of the Federal and Provincial Governments through ballot. Isn’t it pity that Imran Khan and the Chief Minister have all along been castigating PML(N) Government for its developmental projects like metro bus and motorways, claiming that instead attention should be focused on micro issues? But now, in a change for the better, PTI too has opted to initiate motorways and metro bus projects as these are delivering in Punjab. No doubt, PTI has wasted much time but still it has two years and it should reform the Province as per its agenda and vision to demonstrate to the people of Pakistan as to what they are capable of and can deliver if afforded an opportunity to serve at the centre. Criticism of the Federal Government is one thing but creating obstacles in the way of developmental activities and economic progress while sitting cross-legged in KPK is something quite different.

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