Suu Kyi should do more

IN an apparent attempt to deflect growing international focus on inhuman treatment of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar government, especially the issue is being raised by world leaders in their speeches at the UN General Assembly in New York, the de facto leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, in a televised address on Tuesday, for the first time, indicated some sort of humanitarian approach towards the plight of an oppressed community. She claimed that she does not fear global scrutiny over the Rohingya crisis, pledging to hold rights violators to account and to resettle some of the 410,000 Muslims who have fled army operations in her country.
A welcome sign as it shows that global attention could help bring relief to Rohingyas at last but there is no question of letting the issue go on the back-burner until and unless full rights are restored to Rohingyas. This is because for a long time Suu Kyi, who adorns Nobel Peace Prize, presided over genocide of Rohingyas, which the United Nations sees as the text-book example of ethnic cleansing and now that she has started listening to the outcries, she has not spoken in clear terms about safety of life and safeguarding rights of Rohingyas, half of whom have been forced to fled to neighbouring Bangladesh and the rest living in miserable conditions and in a state of perpetual fear about them, their families and their future. Though she has claimed that her country was ready at any time to repatriate but subject to ‘verification’ and no one knows what practical shape this verification would take especially when Myanmar is not ready to recognise Rohingyas as its citizens. She has also claimed that the verified refugees would be accepted without any problem and with full assurance of their security and access to humanitarian aid but how can this guarantee can be taken as sound when she miserably failed to reign in her army, police and extremist elements that have been killing Rohingyas for months. The situation demands presence of an international peacekeeping force under the aegis of UN to ensure repatriation, rehabilitation and safety of Rohingyas.

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