Sustainable development and smart governance

Engr. Javed Ahmad Khan

SUSTAINABILITY means living in harmony with the nature in full recognition of the needs, healthy environment, economic prosperity and social justice are pursued simultaneously to ensure the well-being and quality of life of present and future generations. Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of TODAY without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. Sustainable development encircle the main three pillars of sustainability:
Environmental, economic and social sustainability, where people can live, work and visit. Sustainable development is a dynamic process which enables ways to protect the earth’s life, humans, planet and improving the natural environment. Sustainable development protect the clean water, air, and land for the habitation of humans and other organisms has become a pressing concern amid the intensification of industrial activities and the rapidly growing world population. Integrate environmental science with engineering principles, which has been introduced as a means of long-term sustainable development. Sustainable development that provide equal access to health care, nutrition, clean water, shelter, education, energy, economic opportunities and employment. The first objective of sustainability is to reduce of the consumption of resources. Processes and services should be redesigned and innovated to minimize the absolute use of natural resources, protection of world’s climate change and environment and use of renewable resources etc.
Smart Governance (e-governance) use the internet and digital latest technology, tools, techniques and other strategic technologies to transform the ways services are delivered and which creates a progressive government- public partnership, strengthening government institutions and integrating all sections of society. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our lifestyle.
Smart governance can dramatically alter the productivity of people; help governments and companies to save huge amount of resources by cutting costs on operations, coordination and on several numerous fronts. For instance, the recent advances in computing and data analysis is enabling companies to use computer algorithms to identify patterns and trends in cities. These tools can enable cities and governments to deliver real-time services. With much of the world economy becoming knowledge driven where costs, efficiency, speed and accountability becoming the new buzzwords as an aware citizen demands better standard of service delivery, governments, private agencies and parastatal organizations are increasingly eyeing to leverage the new age technologies to live up to the rising expectations.
It is also very important to know that, Government does not and cannot stand-alone with the responsibility that will guide us to a sustainable future. Society, culture, humanity, which include the political realities of economic policy and religious and other organized beliefs are also responsible. SMART Government does play an important and even critical role if we are to have a sustainable future and can provide vehicles for informed decision-making and invest in and maintain the checks and balances of a system and processes. SMART governance can develop and maintain strategies, policies, and programs that will help us all find a future that works sustainably.
SMART governance can promote sustainable economic strategies, can provide safety and security, promote well-being, education, guidelines and understand that the bottom line is a healthy environment. SMART governance can balance economic development with environmental consequences and future challenges.
I would like especially to highlight the active role that the Dubai/UAE has taken in the sustainable development and SMART Governance, which makes Dubai is the role model for other nations.
It is hard to believe that he transformed Dubai from a small town to a global tourist and financial hub in a short span of time.
Dubai Smart Government Establishment (DSGE) is a pioneering initiative in the region to provide innovative smart government services to all sections of society. Leadership of Dubai has played a key role throughout the emirate’s history in transforming it to a world-class metropolis.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the leader with conviction who not only speaks but proves by his actions. He is a visionary and energetic leader who has successfully proven the sustainable development and SMART Governance in the country. Even in adverse circumstances, he has opened new avenues of development and now other countries in the region and globally are following Dubai as a role model for sustainable development & SMART Governance.
Over the past century, Dubai has experienced a dramatic transformation. In 1900 it was estimated that only 10,000 people lived in a desert-like city. Dubai currently has a population of over 2.5 million people and receives between 12-14 million visitors per year. Today, Dubai is regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan city in the world. There is no doubt that the Emirati people have received great leadership to guide them through this visionary transformation. As Dubai approach Expo 2020, Emiratis will discover what makes a sustainable city, and in particular, how Dubai will become the world’s most sustainable city.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s charitable initiatives, educational and economic reforms, principal stance on regional and international issues and public welfare works make him a widely popular leader among the masses.
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been a key inspiration for the people of Dubai/UAE, with his visionary foresight, unyielding desire to win, and contagious energy. He has always led by example not only with his words, but also in his actions with his on the ground involvement. His vision for Dubai was a key inspiration for the development of Dubai Plan 2021, and can be seen throughout its various components.
Dubai/UAE provides opportunities to the millions of expatriates who could not find suitable jobs in their native countries but it was not possible without the visionary leadership of Dubai/UAE. Over 200 nationalities living and work with perfect harmony and respect for each other’s cultural.
The Smart Dubai government is pioneering a collaborative, agile and lean governance approach towards sustainable development, Environmental, economic and social sustainability. Below are some of the key factors that makes Dubai/UAE the most sustainable city and SMART Government.
SMART Governance , The importance of sustainability (Estidama)
Launch of Dubai Smart Government Department.
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In the end I would like to say that, the people in Dubai/UAE continue to expand, grow and create “WOW” experiences for those visiting their country! The Lesson: Every day, we should take a few minutes and think about what you we can do today to create a “WOW” life, a “WOW” business and a WOW experience for people who are in our world! A ‘’WOW’’ FACTOR…

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