‘Surgical strikes’ misfire

INDIA ended up biting another self-inflicted humiliation on Thursday when its high pitched drama enacted to portray its growing military muscle fizzled out within minutes of making false claims about launching of surgical strikes across Line of Control (LoC). The boastful claim made by India’s DG Military Operations were instantly rejected by all concerned in Pakistan who pointed out that New Delhi was just trying to satisfy its public opinion by dubbing routine cross LoC fire as surgical strikes. It was also a crude attempt to divert attention of the international community from massive human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.
This is one of the funniest claims ever made by Army of any country around the globe as surgical strikes become self-evident in the presence of numerous satellites orbiting, scaling, mapping and monitoring the earth. Similarly, how can one hide these strikes — not at one location but as per Indian claims eleven in number — in this era of fast communication when almost every individual has cellular and satellite phones to share such urgent information with the rest of the world? It was, therefore, quite logical that except for the hype-mongering Indian media, the international media did not buy Indian claims and sought concrete proofs, which have not so far been offered by Indian army. Everyone knows that India has been indulging in ceasefire violations on the LoC quite frequently but every time it got firm and determined response from the Pakistani side. Indian Army has never dared cross the LoC or international border because of its obvious consequences and would not do so in future as its claim evoked nation-wide response from Pakistan. Anyhow, the claim is reflective of the Indian mindset and plans and conveyed a clear impression that rulers in New Delhi have colonial and aggressive thinking, which could imperil peace of the region any time. It is because of this that the cross fire on the LoC, at a time of heightened tension between the two countries, has instilled fears among peaceful nations about peace and security in South Asia and the need to resolve the longstanding dispute of Jammu and Kashmir. However, there is dire need to be ever-vigilant and, as firmly stated by civilian and military leadership, a tit-for-tat response should be given for any misadventure.

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