Surgical ‘Divisive’ strikes..!

While most everybody is proud of the precision with which the surgical strikes were carried out, there are some trying to create division with the army’s success, and sad to say, not just politicians but ordinary citizens too:
The pot bellied tooth pick manufacturing businessman looked at his co-passengers with unconcealed glee as the bearded gentleman sat quietly next to them in the local train, “What fantastic surgical strikes!” he bellowed, and his co-passengers grinned, “Superb doctors! They found the disease, they sharpened their tools and chuck, chuck, cut off the affected portion! Superb yah! Superb nah?” he asked, glancing at the passenger next to him. The passenger was quiet, and the rest of the compartment tensed in anticipation, knowing the pot bellied businessman having a reputation of a bully would not leave well alone, “What you don’t agree with me?”
The bearded man looked up surprised to see the whole compartment staring at him, and looked in the direction of the bully, “You asked a question sir?” “You don’t agree with the surgical strikes sir?” “Ah now!” smiled the man with a beard, “that would indeed be something I know something about!”
“What do you mean?” asked the potbellied fellow a little flummoxed, “Are you in the armed forces?” “No I am a doctor, a surgeon to be precise, and surgery is something I do every day! Now you were asking me about surgical strikes, well last week I operated on a patient with cancer. A surgical strike indeed: I made a deep incision. I used skills I’d learned in medical school, and after three hours removed the cancerous portion! The man is recovering, happy and on his way to a normal life!”
The whole compartment burst into smiles and started applauding the bearded fellow passenger who they’d not known before was a surgeon. “Now,” continued the doctor, “did I have any idea who the patient was before surgery?
His religion, caste, even nationality? No, I didn’t, and it didn’t bother me whether he was from Madras or Mars, Punjab or Paris! A job had to be done and I did it! So my dear fellow you asked me whether I agreed with the surgical strikes, right?”
The pot bellied businessman squirmed as he felt the surgeon’s scalpel being readied for him, “No don’t worry,” smiled the surgeon seeing the discomfort in the man’s eyes, “I am not going to surgically strike any part of you. All I want to say is, like how I, a surgeon belong to any patient who needs help, the soldiers who did their job belong to each citizen of our country, minority, majority and even those between.”
The compartment burst into spontaneous clapping as the surgeon finished by saying, “My operations, surgical ones, are never politicized, and likewise let’s not do so with people’s patriotism..!”

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