Supremacy of Constitution

CONSTITUTION Day was observed on April 10 to highlight respect for the document that binds the nation but the mood, of course, was subdued because of the ground realities. Speaking in the House on the occasion, Senators called for upholding the supremacy of the Constitution, urged all institutions not to trespass in the domains of others and play their role as envisaged in the Constitution and called upon lawmakers and political governments to improve delivery to deny space to other forces to infringe upon the democracy and Parliament.
The 1973 Constitution, being a comprehensive document, was considered to be panacea for the ills that off-tracked the country in different spheres of life and marred its steady progress and development. Framers of the Constitution put aside all their ethnic, political and social differences and the day reminds us to keep this rule above everything but regrettably there is free for all atmosphere in the country. Politicians and law-makers, because of their infighting, have lost the potential and strength to deliver as per expectations of the masses and as a result they are neither capable of defending their institution nor the Constitution. Their indifference to Parliament and problems of their constituencies has lowered their image in the eyes of the electorate and this weakness is fully being exploited by other players. There are clear provisions in the Constitution defining powers, duties and responsibilities of all organs of the state and functionaries but practically almost all these provisions are flouted by all in different manners. We lost 26 years up to 1973 on agreeing what system of governance suits the country but could not promote and strengthen Constitutionalism in the last 45 years since 1973. We have been emphasizing in these columns that there is nothing wrong with the Constitution itself but our intentions are not right and our greed has pushed the country in an abyss and salvation lies in faithfully following each and every word of the Constitution.

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