Supra-constitutional dispensation to be a serious threat to country’s existence: JI Shoora


The central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has reiterated that any supra constitutional dispensation would be a serious threat to the country’s existence and has called for holding elections on schedule in a free, fair and impartial atmosphere. The Shoora, through a resolution noted with concern that the aggrieved parties were looking towards the armed forces and the judiciary for justice and rumours of some extra constitutional measures were ripe in the country. Ameer, JIP, Senator Siraul Haq, presided over the three day moot.
Through another resolution, the JI central consultative body made it clear to the US and India that in spite of internal differences, the Pakistani nation stood united against any foreign aggression and any Indian adventure would be effectively countered with the spirit of Jehad The JI central body said that the attitude of the ruling junta practically not accepting the decisions of the Supreme Court, ridiculing the courts, and promoting confrontation with the state institutions was highly detrimental to the vital national interests.
It noted that despite the completion of the constitutional requirements for fresh delimitation of constituencies, the Election Commission was not giving due attention to the holding of elections on schedule and in a fair, free and transparent manner. The JI Shoora slated the government’s stubbornness in delaying the publication of Raja Zafrul Haq Committees report on the Khatme Nubuwwat issue and punishing those hatching a conspiracy against the sentiments of the nation in this respect.
It deplored that the culprits involved in the Model Town killings were still at large even after the publication of judicial enquiry report. The Shoora noted that the elements involved in the Kasur children video scandal about two years ago had not been brought to justice due to political pressure and the brutes involved in the rape and murder of Zainab besides a dozen such other cases were still untraced. On the other hand, three of the protesters were shot dead by the police. The Shoora noted with deep anguish that the incidents of molestation of minor girls and women were occurring in all parts of the country and the governments had failed to provide justice to the aggrieved.—NNI

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