In support of child labour

Syeda Ghina Sahar

We do not live in a perfect world, and also that these words of mine may be provocative, but this is not my intention. People are always raising their voices against child labour, despite being aware of actual causes of initiation of child labour in any developing country. If someone is against child labour, then better suggest something else for these families to feed off their appetites upon, then to just go on complaining about it.
Since time began, children are working and earning and it’s quite normal for a child to work and bring home some wage. Children should contribute to the welfare of their family and after all its work or no food theory. Children are often most suited to perform a job well enough that an adult possibly cannot! After all what’s the point of teaching them to read and write when they can just work and bring back some cash!
Schooling is not mandatory, and even what schooling may be available, it costs too much. Besides, schooling wouldn’t teach you how to deal with people in certain specific situations. But what would actually help you in coping up with the changing times would be the constant outdoor exposure and various experiences. That is why the children under labour are more trained and skilful then any child in our educated households! In last, I would conclude my point by saying that if a child does actually want to learn, read and write, then there is no reason why they should not have energy after work.

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