Sunday Bazaar fire

AT least ninety shops and stalls were gutted when a massive blaze broke out in the clothing and hosiery section of weekly bazaar located in H-9 sector of the federal Capital. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the incident as the bazaar is not held on Wednesday.
Wednesday’s fire, however, was reminiscent of a similar incident in the same section of bazaar less than a year ago when around five hundred shops were burnt to ashes. A subsequent inquiry was also conducted but it is regrettable that no preventive measures were taken to avert such tragedies in future and the result in the shape of massive blaze is in front of everybody. The fact of the matter is that the regulations of weekly bazaars are blatantly violated with the alleged connivance of CDA officials as the stallholders have set up permanent structures for their shops where they can lock their goods insides in sheer violation of CDA weekly bazaar regulations. According to the rules and regulations of allotment of stalls, stallholders can operate from sunrise to sunset and they are not allowed to use electricity inside their stalls nor can they build a gate or place locks on their stalls. The regulations also prohibit stallholders from establishing permanent structures and they are bound to shift their merchandises from the bazaar once it closes for the week. However, the stallholders by apparently greasing the palm of CDA officials are openly flouting these regulations, which in fact are resulting into such frequent incidents of blaze.
The civic authority has once again constituted an inquiry team to ascertain the causes of the fire which according to preliminary reports was caused by explosion in generator. Responsibility should be fixed in the incident and action be taken both against the stall holders and the CDA officials found involved in negligence. To avoid such incidents in future, it is imperative that the rules and regulations of weekly bazaars are strictly implemented and those violating them should be penalised without any discrimination. Then it is also important that fire tenders and vehicles of rescue service are also parked close to the bazaars especially when they are open for the public so that in case of any untoward incident, it could be tackled at the earliest without any major loss.

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